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So we thought we’d start a Blog. Why you might ask? Our thinking was to provide a way to share information in a different manner, take some of the pressure away from constantly sending emails to a listserv and finally to give voice and choice to Health and Physical Educators to talk about what they want.

Now that I’m starting to think about populating the first few posts I’m wondering “What was I thinking”!!

Let's start with the name. We settled on “The Gym IS a Classroom”! Pretty self explanatory for a HPE teacher who is alway having to smile, nod and justify what they do in the gym. We all know that there is so much more to teaching HPE than people realize. Enough said! There will be two different types of posts available in the blog. OASPHE will keep you updated with information related to new resources, current issues impacting the curriculum or the delivery of the curriculum as well as upcoming opportunities. The second option will be for you to share. We want to hear all about what is happening in your CLASSROOM and how you are engaging your students.

Now to the basics of what this is all about. Let’s call them the Blogging Tips for Beginners

  1. Got a Topic to Share. Submit a blog post that you feel might serve the HPE community.

  2. Identify what you think will resonate with your audience. Long or short isn’t the issue.

  3. Write like you talk.

  4. Show your personality; don't tell it.

  5. Make your point again and how it might help others.

  6. Start with a very specific working title and tell us where you think it might fit with the categories provided.

  7. Use the link to the Google doc provided below to submit your post for consideration.

“The Gym IS a classroom” and it’s your classroom. We want to ensure that the information here will support the quality delivery of a better HPE program for you and your students and help to improve the learning of others.

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