Self-Care and Personal Resiliency

Please take this to heart as much for YOURSELF as for your students!

“Parents and teachers who take care of themselves are

better able to take care of their children and students”

School Mental Health Ontario (SMHO)

In our August provincial check in with School Mental Health Ontario it was clearly evident that “Self-Care and Personal Resiliency” was going to need to be prioritized as teachers were about to begin this unprecedented school year. Now here we are entering the second half of the school year and many find themselves in very unique, and at times, very uncomfortable situations. Depending on your teaching situation, you might be far removed from what has been a constant for many years or brand new to teaching and all the ups and downs that go with that.

Please consider the following recommendations from SMHO and remember you are all doing a wonderful job to the best of your ability!

  • It is essential that we take care of ourselves before we take care of others

  • We are all playing a variety of roles – educator, parent, child – and have competing demands on our time and energy

  • Be patient with yourself

  • Practice self-compassion

  • Know when you need to reach out for support

Personal Resiliency Tips During Covid-19

[A Tip Sheet]

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