Professional Learning in H&PE

As your normal structures and routines remain in a constant state flux, the examination of your profession and classroom being questioned and the possible lack of awareness of how physically and emotionally exhausted you are, we know this is probably the last thing on your mind as the pandemic continues.

However, we are very much aware that you are an educator and more specifically a HPE teacher who not only values physical activity but the role it plays in the well-being of yourself and your students. It is our goal as your Provincial HPE Subject Association to help ensure that current, relevant and practical information is readily available to everyone engaged in supporting students.

We will endeavor to maintain the blog with up to date information that will allow teachers to maintain their personal learning needs. Whenever possible the posts will identify new resources to consider for use, workshops and conferences, new links and anything that comes through our executive that can impact your ability to effectively deliver a quality curriculum. At the same time, and whenever possible, a more detailed outline or document will be posted to the website for your learning and use.

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