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The COVID-19 pandemic has seminally changed the way that education systems within Canada function. Now, with schools moving to re-open, we know that it will not simply be a return to learning as it was.

From the PHE Canada website:

Return to School PHE Guidelines

The COVID-19 Pandemic: Return to School Canadian Physical and Health Education (PHE) Guidelines highlights and stimulates conversations on how the PHE curriculum and health promoting opportunities can be safely and effectively delivered and provides a practical vehicle to equitably support health and well-being during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.


From the Ophea website: 

A Safe Return to School Includes H&PE

"Given the importance of physical activity to long-term health, the COVID-19 pandemic should not limit the amount of physical activity for children/youth" (Government of Canada, 2020, COVID-19 guidance for schools Kindergarten to Grade 12).

Going back to school is a time of excitement, a time to revisit routines and practices, and a time to identify new priorities. Thoughts and decisions often focus on what students need to be successful and the strategies to support their individual needs, interests and abilities.

This year, back to school will include many new routines and practices related to COVID-19. It will be more important than ever to plan holistically with a focus on the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of students, and the associated safety practices. Ophea’s COVID-19 Considerations for Physical Education released September 5th, 2020 provides safety considerations specific to COVID-19 to support a safe return to physical education (PE) for students.


Included in this Blog are five strategies to help school board leaders, principals, and teachers prioritize a safe return to Health and Physical Education (H&PE) and ideas to get started.

From the Ophea blog:

Why prioritizing well-being is essential to finding the “new normal” in education

It’s been more than eight weeks since Ontario schools closed to help slow the spread of COVID-19. And while, according to public health experts, the actions we’ve taken as a province are flattening the curve, the impacts of the pandemic have been significant and are likely to be long-lasting.

Now—as we begin to anticipate the easing of restrictions and the eventual re-opening of schools—more than ever before, educators are aware that they’ll be called on to foster the well-being of school communities. What, exactly, will the new normal for education look like? It’s too early to know for sure, but Ophea’s Board Members—representing education, health, sport and academia—are thinking ahead and have shared their thoughts about the future of education and the importance of student well-being with us.




Current Initiatives:

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